SunPorch of Dodge City recruits volunteers to share time with elders

SunPorch of Dodge City recruits volunteers to share time with elders

May 2018 • Contact: Ryan Salinas, 620-227-3209 •

Since Gina Salmans knows residents of SunPorch of Dodge City would happily welcome more volunteers, she is asking local and area residents to consider donating a little time and talent.

Salmans, SunPorch activities director, is recruiting individuals and groups that would brighten the days of the elders living at the long-term-care residence, 501 W. Beeson Rd.

“When someone volunteers there is a two-fold benefit,” Salmans said. “First and most important, our elders will know they are valued and cared for. And I cannot tell you how much they will appreciate it.

“Second,” she continued, “volunteers will quickly discover that donating just a little time is personally rewarding. There is no greater reward than being of service to others.”

Currently, SunPorch volunteers include clients of Arrowhead West, a non-profit organization that serves local and area people with developmental delays and disabilities.

“All of us appreciate the folks at Arrowhead West who provide a valuable service,” Salmans commented. “They fill water pitchers and visit with our elders. Everyone enjoys this interaction.”

Arrowhead representatives visit SunPorch twice a day, Monday through Friday.

In addition, a few people help with church services on weekends and Mass on Wednesdays.

Volunteers are especially needed between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. any day of the week. They can make their own schedule to help with activities such as serving coffee and doughnuts; helping with bingo games; providing manicures; and just visiting with the elders.

“We offer a number of activities on a regular basis but we could offer even more with extra volunteers,” Salmans noted. “An hour a week can mean a lot.”

Salmans also noted that she and her colleagues are open to new ideas for ongoing and special activities.

Ryan Salinas, SunPorch administrator, appreciates current volunteers and also encouraged local and area residents to consider joining the team.

“We are so thankful for our volunteers who spend their free time with us,” Salinas said. “And we are always looking for additional caring and loving people. Our elders truly enjoy socializing with new friends; volunteerism is a vital part of this.”

Anyone interested in learning more is encouraged to contact Salmans by calling 620-227-7512.

John Grace