New SunPorch of Dodge City PTA Shares Information During Special Month

New SunPorch of Dodge City PTA Shares Information During Special Month

Jaymi Davenport, new physical therapy assistant at SunPorch of Dodge City, lends a helping hand to Manuel Ramirez Volez, a SunPorch elder, during a recent therapy session. Davenport is a Dodge City native.

October 2018 • Contact: Debbie Allen, 620-227-7512 •

The new physical therapy assistant (PTA) at SunPorch of Dodge City has been there only a short time but she is eager to share information about the on-site care at SunPorch of Dodge City.

Therefore, Jaymi Davenport is taking advantage of Physical Therapy Awareness Month in October to spread the word.

“Physical therapy is oftentimes a great way to enhance a person’s quality of life,” said Davenport, a Dodge City native. “Our goal every day is to help our elders maintain their highest level of function so they can enjoy more independence and participate in their favorite activities.”

Physical-therapy sessions help elders who are facing difficulties with stamina, strength and balance. Each treatment regimen is tailored to the individual.

“There are a wide variety of reasons for therapy,” Davenport said. “But some of the more common ones include a fall, stroke and post-surgical rehab.”

A therapist or nurse may be the first to notice when someone is starting to decline physically. Or there could be a report about pain. “Instead of medications, we try therapy first,” Davenport noted.

After therapy, the restorative nursing program might be next. This supplements the therapy regimen and supports people as they get back to their day-to-day activities.

Elders at SunPorch, 501 W. Beeson, have access not only to physical therapy, but also occupational and speech therapies. The fringe benefit is no one has to travel.

“We offer all our therapies right here at SunPorch,” Davenport commented. “This is so important for our elders. They don’t have to make a difficult trip to another location.”

The SunPorch therapy team sees about eight patients a week in each therapy discipline. The frequency and duration depends on the person.

Davenport is a 2009 graduate of Dodge City High School. She earned an associate’s degree in general studies at Dodge City Community College and her physical-therapy credentials at Colby Community College. After living in Joplin, Mo., for six years, Davenport came home to be closer to family and help on the family farm.

Tyson Kane, director of rehabilitation at SunPorch, pointed out that many therapy patients are full-time residents, but that is not a requirement.

“Many people don’t realize we offer short-term care too,” Kane said. “Anyone who needs personalized care during recovery from a joint replacement, or other condition or accident is welcome to stay with us for a while. The length of time could be a few weeks or months, depending on how long it takes to return to normal activities.

“During short-term care, our goals are the same – increased balance, strength and stamina. We want them to be successful here so they can be safe when they return home.”

So far in 2018, 42 patients have lived at SunPorch for the short term.

John Grace