Aegis Therapies Brings Care, Treatment to SunPorch of Dodge City

Aegis Therapies Brings Care, Treatment to SunPorch of Dodge City

July 2019 • Contact: Debbie Allen, 620-227-7512 •

SunPorch of Dodge City Aegis Therapies Patient
Patsy Burnett, SunPorch of Dodge City elder, participates in therapy with Jaymi Davenport, physical therapy assistant, at her side.

The new therapy company at SunPorch of Dodge City is bringing 18 years of experience and new equipment to the short- and long-term-care residence for the in-house treatment of elders.

         Aegis Therapies now offers physical, occupational and speech therapies at SunPorch, 501 W. Beeson. Its specialized program is designed for elders.

         SunPorch will host a Dodge City Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting at 1:30 p.m. Wednesday, July 10 to welcome Aegis and the five therapists to the SunPorch team.

         “Aegis has a long history of being the best in the business,” said Debbie Allen, SunPorch marketing and community liaison. “The company provides excellent specialized education and training to its therapists, giving them the tools to offer high-quality services to elders.”

Physical and/or occupational therapy may be necessary after surgeries, including joint replacements. In other cases, therapy is recommended to rebuild strength and balance because of a prolonged illness.

“Cardiac and stroke patients benefit from a therapy regimen until they can get safely back to activities of daily living,” Allen said.

         Speech therapy enhances an elder’s ability to speak more clearly. It also can alleviate swallowing difficulties, be part of recovery after a stroke or brain injury, and help people with dementia enhance their quality of life.

         Therapy is available to full-time SunPorch elders, as well as those who live there for the short-term to recover from illness or injury.

Julie Winkel, director of rehab, said Aegis uses its Freedom Through Functionality strength-building program to support SunPorch patients.

         “Using Nautilus equipment, this program is specifically designed to meet elders’ needs,” Winkel said. “Seniors can regain strength, confidence and independence. No matter the elder’s age or physical condition, we help the person exercise safely and to their potential.”

         The Nautilus equipment, which is modified for elders, features enclosed weights; controlled range of motion; and comfortable seats and pads.

         “Our therapists teach the patient to perform exercises correctly under supervision,” said Winkel, a certified physical therapy assistant. “Exercise affects the way a patient feels physically, mentally and emotionally.

         “We know it is difficult to rely on another person to perform activities of daily living,” she continued. “Our therapy helps patients gain strength, which means they become more confident and independent in daily life.”

         Freedom Through Functionality builds muscle and strength, and reduces the likelihood of falling.

         “People will sit and stand taller and be able to move their arms, legs and trunk more freely,” Winkel explained. “They also can walk faster and rise from bed and chairs more easily.

         “Increased muscle mass increases the metabolism, helping to keep weight and blood sugar in check,” she noted. “This is important because obesity and diabetes are major health concerns for older adults.”

         Additionally, Winkel commented, clinical studies suggest that increasing strength may help prevent osteoporosis and alleviate joint pain and discomfort caused by arthritis.

         “We are excited to bring these therapies and equipment to SunPorch,” Winkel said. “The staff here takes pride in providing comprehensive nursing services, while caring for the whole person.

         “Our therapists also take pride in providing comprehensive rehabilitation therapy that meets individual needs. We, too, care for the whole person, including their passions and goals.”

         Ryan Salinas, SunPorch administrator, said he is “pleased to have Aegis join our team. The therapists’ patient-centered goals align nicely with what we are doing here at SunPorch.”

Sarah Campbell