Our future

Our future


Our future plans include the replacement of our existing nursing facility building with the new state of the art Green House™ model of care. (Read more about this unique model of care: http://www.thegreenhouseproject.org)

Retirement Community outdoors in the evening

The Green House™ is a model of skilled long-term care designed to transform traditional skilled nursing facilities into homes providing meaning and growth for the people who live and work in them.

The Green House model radically transforms institutional care to create real homes where residents and direct care staff enjoy meaningful lives, significantly enhanced control, and improved care outcomes. A series of peer-reviewed and published research studies  document and confirm the sustained improvements that The Green House model supports. Clear evidence of significant, consistent, and sustained improvements across implementation sites is unique among culture change models.

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These findings include:

  • Improved Quality of Life: Green House residents report improvements in autonomy, dignity, privacy, meaningful activity, relationships, sense of individuality, emotional well-being, and enjoyment of food.
    Seniors engaged in painting activity
  • Improved Quality of Care: Green House residents maintain self-care abilities longer, with less decline in their activities of daily living. Fewer residents have depression, are bed fast, get little or no activity, develop facility-acquired pressure ulcers, or have avoidable hospitalizations.
  • Improved Family Satisfaction: Green House families are more satisfied with general amenities, meals, housekeeping, physical environment, privacy, autonomy, and health care.
  • Improved staff satisfaction: Green House staff reported higher job satisfaction and increased likelihood of remaining in their jobs.